August 9, 2015

Some Like It Remade

In the mid 1950s, Billy Wilder wanted to remake the 1935 French film Fanfare d'amour> but the screenplay of that film could not be found so Wilder and company procured the rights to remake the 1951 German remake of the French film titled Fanfaren der Liebe. In 1959, the American remake of the German remake of the French original was released and is recognized as one of the funniest and most perfect (despite its last line) movies of all time. In 1972 Sugar, the American musical remake of the American remake of the German remake of the French original, premiered on Broadway and ran for over a year before closing - thus ending the remake saga of Some Like It Hot.

August 7, 2015

Stuff Like That There By The King Sisters

Betty Hutton sang it for the charts, Bette Midler sang it for the movies, Kelly Clarkson sang it for American Idol and Seohyun sang it for Asia but The King Sisters sang Stuff Like That There (music by Jay Livingston and lyrics by Ray Evans) first. The sisters were a vocal quartet who formed in the early 1930s, had several hits during the big Band era and ultimately joined the larger King family to host the ABC television series The King Family Show in 1965. The King Family musical tradition carried on into the 21st century when sister Luise's grandson Win Butler co-founded the alternative rock group Arcade Fire with, among others, his brother William.

First time on YouTube!!

August 1, 2015

Amanda's (1983)

Amanda's is the short-lived 1983 sitcom starring Bea Arthur that came between her 1970s success as Maude and her 1980s success as Dorothy Zbornak in The Golden Girls. The show is based on the British comedy Fawlty Towers starring John Cleese and centered around the owner and staff of a seaside hotel. Not one of the 13 episodes filmed (all available on YouTube) is particularly funny but if you are a Bea completist, it's worth checking out.

Episode 1

Episode 2