December 29, 2007

...Arthur 2: On The Rocks (1988)

Arthur is a spoiled, alcoholic whose story was the focus of an exceptional film that made a lot of money; it was then decided to rehash that story for a sequel in the hopes of making a lot more money - albeit with a different writer/director and no originality. It's unfortunate that Dudley Moore remains drunk throughout most of Arthur 2: On The Rocks because the more interesting story would've been his attempts to stay sober and to make it in the working world. As it stands, the film has very little humor, very little humanity, and very little heart - all three of which appear for a cameo three-quarters of the way into the film when top-billed John Gielgud returns as an other-worldly Hobson, throwing in a crass attempt to turn this into a Frank Capra-less classic.

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