July 16, 2008

...El Orfanato (2007)

A riveting, well-structured story, excellent camera work, and nice sound editing are just the tip of the El Orfanato (The Orphanage) iceberg. It's also an emotional histogram and a paranormal roller coaster as Belen Rueda (in a stunning performance) tries to find her son who has been missing for nine months. Capped by a surprise appearance from a Hollywood legend and presented lovingly by Guillermo del Toro (in the style of his classics Pan's Labrynth and Devil Inside), The Orphanage is unlike anything that's been spewn forth from Hollywood proper and thus is, unfortunately, ripe to be remade and ruined by the latter.

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Anonymous said...

OK....if you haven't seen it, find and watch The Devil's Backbone. Eerily similar....oh, yea....G. del Toro directed it, as well.
It appears he has a fixation with orphanages.