August 6, 2008

...The Sarah Silverman Program, Season One (2006)

Although Sarah Silverman in a stand-up comedy setting is brilliant, The Sarah Silverman Program (Season One anyway), her faux-reality show, is less so; maybe it's lacking in the truth that the foxy Jew usually skewers with abandon. I found her sister Laura, an actress I remembered from Lisa Kudrow's The Comeback, a lot more interesting as the six shows dragged on. It's strictly for fans of either of the Silverman gals, TAB drinkers and poop joke lovers.


hank jones said...

her standup is terrible, this show is finally her getting it right and being hilarious (or at least everybody else on the show except her), i am baffled as to how you could possibly see this the other way. thats like someone loving martin lawrence's movies and hating his stand up

A Man and A Mouse said...

I will say this about that, hank. Season 2 did get a better. The episode where they ran May Kadoody for Mayor was classic. I still love her stand-up. (Jesus is Magic is phenomenal and I saw Sarah recently in Berkeley where she did new material from a pad and killed it.) I did take your comments and my experience into consideration and increased my rating to 2 stars though.

Who's Martin Lawrence?