September 5, 2010

Stephen King's Pet Sematary (1989)

Over the years, I thought Stephen King's Pet Sematary (directed by Mary Lambert of American Psycho fame) might have been a good movie that fell through my movie-going crack so I bought the DVD and sat down to enjoy. After about ten minutes, I noticed Fred Gwynne (Of The Munsters fame) was the only star (unless you count the bland Denise Crosby of granddad Bing Crosby fame), it had some similarities in story to Pumpkinhead, and the pet cemetery is not the film's MacGuffin - the Indian burial ground over the ridge from the pet cemetery is the MacGuffin. I guess it would've been a mouthful to call it Stephen King's Indian Burial Ground Over the Ridge from the Pet Sematary; at least with that title I wouldn't have wondered all these years if the film was any good.

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