December 14, 2011

The Screaming Woman (1972)

Olivia de Havilland earned her creepy-sweet chops before The Screaming Woman, a 1972 ABC Movie of the Week film presentation, but for this creepy-sweet performance she winningly recalls her 1948 Oscar winning role in The Snake Pit as a woman just released from an institution who hears the voice of another women buried under a foundation on her property. The script, loosely based on a Ray Bradbury story, is not a mystery as we are witness to all the comings and goings but there are some genuinely thrilling moments and frightening shots - and de Havilland can scream with the best of them. They really don't make television movies like this anymore so it would behoove you to check it out on my YouTube channel.

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* The Screaming Woman is considered in the public domain.


Unknown said...

You hit the nail on the head!This is a great movie but the best part is the flood of memories that came flowing back. I would have been 11 when this movie was on. I remember being traumatized by the woman being dragged from the ground. I only saw this after begging my mom to let me watch the end. It was after my bed time and I was caught 3 times trying to watch the from the top of the steps. Mom finally relented lol. The trip down memory lane was priceless thank you

A Man and A Mouse said...

So glad you enjoyed it and came back to comment, Tim. I also remember watching some forbidden things from the top of the stairs back in the day.