April 22, 2008

...Skyjacked (1972)

There are so many missteps in Skyjacked, a tensionless thriller about the hijacking of a passenger jetliner to Moscow, that I am listing a few:

  1. The passengers are told they are being hijacked because of a bomb and they just sit - no screams, no cries

  2. Yvette Mimieux as head stewardess makes a comment about it just being a bomb

  3. The voice of character actor John Fiedler, very well-known for his high-pitch, is dubbed by someone with a lower range

  4. Mariette Hartley gives birth naturally on the plane with no pain killers and, again, no screams

  5. James Brolin's use of the word nigger twice and Rosey Grier's acceptance of it

Sure, this list might be considered more than three lines (even though I opted to use no periods - which grammatically you can do) but I wanted to make clear that this self-titled Cult Camp Classic is neither classic nor campy nor surrounded by cultish viewers; it's just bad.

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