April 9, 2008

With a Song in My Heart (1952)

With A Song in My Heart is a bunch of musical numbers tied together by the spot-on performance and lip-synching chops of Susan Hayward, a rightful Academy Award nominee, and, what can only be described as, a non-script. Don't expect deep theorizing on, or a three-dimensional portrait of, the film's subject, singer Jane Froman (who is portrayed too good-naturedly - as represented in Tea for Two when Froman sings a boy for you and the soldier recants a girl for me : he gets both kids and she's a doormat.) There are, though, great classic songs performed by Ms. Froman (the title tune, Embraceable You, Get Happy, It's A Good Day, Blue Moon, I'll Walk Alone, the riveting United States medley finale) and visualized by Ms. Hayward (as the singing virgin) that make it palatable.

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